2017 Human Relations Indie Book Awards Judging Guidelines & Categories

The purpose of the Human Relations Indie Book Awards is to recognize indie authors who have written books witha human relations focus related to various interactions among people in different settings such as work, organizations, school, home, family or in personal lives. This is the second year of the Human Relations Indie Book Awards.  We had a diverse group of indie authors for last year’s awards that ranged from professional perspectives to indie author’s personal journeys of self-reflection. Book entries for the 2017 Human Relations Indie Book Awards should be published between 2010 and 2017 and must be received in print version (no ebooks accepted) and written for an English speaking audience. Books can be self-published, independently published or have a creative or scholarly writing approach from smaller publishing companies or presses where the author had a voice in the publishing process.

Each contest category (depending on the number of entries) will recognize Gold, Silver and Bronze award certificate winners and Honorable Mention (s) may also be given to recognize honorable writing in the area of human relations. All book entries will also be considered for Director’s Choice awards who exhibit outstanding writing in the area of Human Relations and the selected Director’s Choice winners will receive the award certificate and a gift card.

Each author should complete a book submission form with two copies of the book and the entry fee for each entry. Do not send more than two books no matter how many categories you enter. Authors may enter more than one book category, but will need to mark the additional categories on the book submission form and add the additional entry fee for each category. Entry fees should be paid in check in U.S. dollars or sent with a U.S. postal service money order or American Express money order. No books will be returned after the contest and will be donated to libraries, charities, educational programs or those in need. Entry fees start at $75.00 for the first category ($65.00 for the first category if entry is postmarked by October 7th, 2017), $55.00 for the second category, $45.00 for the third category and $35.00 for the fourth category.

2017 Human Relations Indie Book Awards final deadline for entry is November 18th, 2017- but earlier entries are encouraged to allow more time for judging the book entries. Winners will be announced on or before December 14th, 2017.

Judges names will not be posted due to confidentiality. Books will be judged on book content, book organization, book presentation and the human relations message conveyed in the book. Judges decisions are final.

A broad range of book categories will provide authors the opportunity to enter one or more categories that may be related to the book’s human relations content. There are over 40 categories that include topics related to human relations issues, family relationship issues, children’s books with a human relations focus, poetry human relations books, fiction human relations books and general human relations book categories.


If you would like to enter-simply request a book submission entry form by filling out the contact form or sending your email to: humanrelationsindiebookawards@gmail.com        Thanks!


2017 Human Relations Indie Book Awards Categories

Human Relations Issues Indie Categories (Nonfiction)

H-1 Cultural and Diversity Human Relations Indie Book

H-2 Ethics Human Relations Indie Book 

H-3 Global Peace Human Relations Indie Book

H-4 Historical Human Relations Indie Book

H-5 Leadership Human Relations Indie Book

H-6 Problem Solving Human Relations Indie Book

H-7 Reflection Human Relations Indie Book

H-8 Memoir Human Relations Indie Book

H-9 Inspirational Human Relations Indie Book

H-10 Self-Help & Wellness Human Relations Indie Book

H-11 Workplace Human Relations Indie Book

H-12 Humor Human Relations Indie Book

H-13 Motivational Human Relations Indie Book

H-14 Informational Human Relations Indie Book

H-15 Educational Human Relations Indie Book

Human Relations Family Issues Indie Categories (Nonfiction)

F-1 Family Social Problems Indie Book

F-2 Family Connections Indie Book

F-3 Aging Family Indie Book

F-4 Marriage Relationship Indie Book

F-5 Couple Communication Indie Book

F-6 Parent-Child Communication Indie Book

F-7 Dating Relationship Indie Book

F-8 Unique Family Relationship Indie Book

F-9 Single Parent Family Indie Book

F-10 Family Challenges Indie Book

General Human Relations Categories (Fiction or Nonfiction)

G-1 Collection of Human Relations Short Stories or Essays

G-2 Travel Human Relations Indie Book

G-3 Medical Issues Human Relations Indie Book

G-4 Life Challenges Human Relations Indie Book

G-5 Life Journey Human Relations Indie Book

G-6 Special Needs Human Relations Indie Book

Children’s Book Categories (Fiction or Nonfiction)

C-1 Early Childhood Human Relations Children’s Indie Book

C-2 School Age Human Relations Children’s Indie Book

C-3 Pre-Teen/Teen Human Relations Children’s Indie Book

C-4 Cultural Human Relations Children’s Indie Book

C-5 Family Human Relations Children’s Indie Book

C-6 Health Human Relations Children’s Indie Book

C-7 Special Needs Human Relations Children’s Indie Book

Short Fiction Categories (Under 120 Pages)

S-1 Realistic Human Relations Short Fiction Indie Book

Fiction Category (over 120 Pages)

L-1 Multicultural Realistic Human Relations Fiction Indie Book

L-2 Contemporary Realistic Human Relations Fiction Book

L-3 Historical Realistic Human Relations Fiction Book

L-4 Life Passage Realistic Human Relations Fiction Book

L-5 Life Changes Realistic Human Relations Fiction Book

Poetry Book Categories

P-1 Motivational Indie Poetry Book

P-2 Personal Challenge Indie Poetry Book